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Partner Reviews

Gulf Coast Western has more than a thousand accredited partners throughout the country who have done business with us – many of them participating in several of our sponsored Joint Ventures – who can speak to the manner in which we do business.

Here is what just a few of them say about us:


"Before investing with Gulf Coast Western, I had little knowledge of the oil and gas industry. The guys from Gulf Coast Western helped me along the way and provided me with a deeper understanding of the oil drilling process. I feel comfortable doing business with them, and I expect to continue investing with them in the future."

– Mike Szot (California)

Insurance Executive



"Throughout the past year working with Gulf Coast Western, they have exhibited professionalism, strong leadership skills and confidence. I feel comfortable pursuing partnerships with them and would recommend Gulf Coast Western to anyone looking to invest in an oil and gas Joint Venture Partnership."

– Bill W. (Ohio)

President & CEO of an equipment rental company



"I first invested with Gulf Coast Western three years ago as a way to diversify my assets. I wanted an alternative to the stock market. Since my initial investment, I’ve participated in six additional joint venture partnerships with Gulf Coast Western.


Throughout each partnership, my representative was always very informative and kept me up-to-date. I have found the people at Gulf Coast Western to be forthright, professional and honest. I have in the past and will continue to recommend others invest with Gulf Coast Western."

– Frank Schmieder (Texas)

Former Greyhound CEO



"I first invested with Gulf Coast Western in 2009. Before deciding whether to invest with them, I looked at information provided by my representative, did a background check on the company and visited their website. I felt comfortable with the people I spoke with, and traveled to one of the oil field sites to get a better understanding of the operation. After meeting with the people on site, and using my contacts to review the investment, I became confident in the data provided to me. Since then, I have participated in to several of their joint venture partnerships.


One unique feature is the company goes out of its way for investors. My representative maintained steady communication with me and provided ample information for each potential investment. They also encourage investor involvement by inviting us to participate in regular teleconferences.


Overall, the people at Gulf Coast Western look out for their partners. If you are qualified and willing to take a certain level of risk, I would highly recommend investing with Gulf Coast Western. "

– Peter Suozzi (Arizona)